A percentage of every RENVI sale is contributed to the Marol Academy, an organization dedicated to offering equal opportunity and sustainable education to the marginalized youth of the post-conflict nation. The Marol Academy is described as a 'girls school, to which well behaved boys may attend!' emphasizing a focus on the education of young females. RENVI has a strong personal relationship with Marol's founder, Jok Jok, an impassioned instructor at a Los Angeles University who built the Academy to give his family's community, in South Sudan, the chance for an education. The Marol Academy was founded in 2008 in order to establish an educational system for children and youth in rural South Sudan, where elementary education has been absent since 1983 due to a violent war. Currently, the Academy enrolls hundreds of girls and boys, but the growing youth bulge in South Sudan after the recent peace agreement will require the Marol Academy to scale up operations exponentially to meet future demand for education. RENVI contributions support classroom construction and the recruitment of quality teachers.